Frilled, semidouble stars of deep red. A ruffled edge adds to its beauty. Large, semidouble stars are dark pink, with a heavily fringed green edge. Very large, light purple, almost periwinkle in color! Single and semidouble, pink, large fluted star with a darker eye, purple fantasy, and a nice, prominent, white-green edge. Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2002 AVSA convention in Washington DC. Just grow them! Magnificent semidouble, frilly, fluted and wavy petals of two-tone rose-pink, combine with deep rose feathering on petal edges, accented with a narrow, broken, faint geneva edge make these stars so eye-catching. This is an ideal spot for your plant in January. Very large, single and semidouble, dark, mauve/pink stars. The medium green foliage is quilted, serrated and variegated in beige. Always different with each blooming, the blossoms form in clusters above deep green, quilted foliage. Single, dark fuchsia star with a wide geneva edge. Eye catching! This variety will make you take a second look! A complimentary mix, of a large double white star, against the backdrop of medium green, quilted foliage, heavily variegated in beige. Heavily fringed pink, semidouble round stars. The foliage is dark green with a red reverse, and grows as a standard. Light green foliage is heavily quilted and serrated. - Service. Don't forget the sunscreen! Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image. Medium blue, sticktite, single pansies. True single stars of purple and blue tones. The upper petals tend to show light purple, as well as sporadic purple, Dark blue, semidouble stars with a fringed raspberry edge. An excellent bloomer! Watering: Keep soil moist to dry, and allow soil around roots to dry out before watering to encourage blooming.Water from the bottom with room temperature water by placing the plastic grower's pot in water, and allowing the plant to absorb the water ( not more than 30 minutes ). African Violets, which originally come from East Africa where they grow in wind-swept, rocky crevices have many admirers around the world and through extensive breeding now come in an impressive range of varieties that have plain or variegated leaves, which … A truly beautiful variety! The wild violet (Viola pratincola) is an invasive plant that is winter-hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9. Standard. “Treat” yourself to this great variety! Still popular after all these years! Mosaic variegation with medium green, pointed, and serrated foliage. Medium green, slightly quilted foliage, with red Fantasy markings! Nedra Matteucci Galleries is pleased to announce Wilson Hurley: The Richness of Reality, our third exhibition of Wilson Hurley (1924-2008), one of America’s foremost landscape painters.The show opens on June 27, and the paintings will remain on display through the summer of 2020. Hours and directions can be found in the “about” pages. Mounds of single, sticktite, slightly cupped, star shaped blossoms of lavender are frosted in strong, wide bands of deep green, having a feathered appearance with lighter green/white flecks. Now that is above and beyond in my opinion. Large. Double, light blue ruffled large star with a wide white edge. Jul 11, 2014 - East Wind by S. Sorano. Feb 9, 2019 - Explore Linda Williams's board "African Violets" on Pinterest. Single and semidouble pansies of medium purple, with a fringed edge. Should make for an impressive show plant! Standard. The packaging was with the utmost of care. Yellow, semidouble and double stars, with a wide white edge, surrounded by a fringed green edge. This perfectly gorgeous variety is one you will desire. A sport of “Psychedelic Show”, the standard foliage is medium green, and shapes nicely. Exquisite, large and fluffy sugary white, double fluted & frilled stars. The crown variegation paints each leaf with lots of yellow and green. Large white, single and semidouble pansies with fringed edges. The dark green, red-backed foliage is quilted and serrated. Double, light purple pansies with a plum overlay. View our “blog” pages or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to read more. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Wow! The foliage is deep green, variegated in cream tones. HUGE!!! A large, showy orchid colored semidouble to double bloom with a frilled edge that displays occasional touches of white. Good bloom count! Double, soft pink pansies with coral coloring in the flower center. Petal tips are fluted and wavy, held above deep green foliage that is variegated in cream and beige tones. Double, soft pink pansies with coral coloring in the flower center. A good bloomer, which will warm your heart, like warm sunshine! ‘Chimera’ varieties are violets for which propagation by leaf cuttings will not produce plantlets identical to the original plant. Variegated foliage is medium-dark green, cream and pink, heart-shaped, and scalloped. Large, semidouble and double pink stars with blue fantasy streaks and flecks. Gorgeous, huge coral red, semi-double stars are splashed and streaked with dark blue fantasy. Each petal has a dark blue thumbprint and fringed edge. Medium pink, single and semidouble, pansy shaped blossoms are banded in red-wine. Standard. An outstanding "burnt" red with large, single and semidouble pansies with lightly frilled edges. Double pink. The foliage is medium green, serrated and quilted. Salmony pink thumbprints on white single stars with frilled edges. We specialize in unusual varieties with superior blooming and growth habit. The dark green, standard, tailored foliage, shapes nicely. The lightly quilted standard foliage is medium green. Ruffled, pencil white edges are traced by a thin outline of red/purple. Toni Weidman Blue fantasy flecks are splashed onto each petal. It boasts a light mauve/pink watercolor, Large, soft pink semidouble and double stars. The flower edge is impressively splattered with a violet/pink, Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2011 AVSA convention in Philadelphia, Awarded 2nd BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2012 AVSA convention in Detroit, (White color varies, and is more predominant with cool temperatures), Large sticktite, white single stars, are slightly cupped. A large standard grower, that shapes well, is lightly quilted, medium green and slightly serrated. over the years. We are sure you will enjoy this addition to your collection. Look at this and remember the good times you had with someone. African violets (or Saintpaulia) are a genus of plants within the Gesneriad family. Quilted. Awarded 2nd BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2013 AVSA convention in Austin, Texas. This variety is very hard to propagate, so supply is very limited. Semidouble and double pink flowers with a glittery fuchsia edge. Standard. A geneva edge is fringed around each pansy flower. A richly colored, medium pink, double pansy flower, is loaded with blue fantasy flecks. Light coral/pink single stars which are slightly cupped. White, single and semidouble pansies, are adorned with dark pink thumbprints on each petal. As of Fall 2019, the university has a total of 51,848 enrolled students, including 26,733 undergraduate students and 25,115 graduate students. The standard foliage is dark green, red reverse and serrated. Vivid! This means we know what each plant likes to grow best from personal experience. Standard African violets are those varieties that, when mature, will exceed 8″ in diameter. African violets demand perfect conditions before they will reward you with both healthy leaves and flowers. For an overview of what we grow, view the “what we grow pages”, or better, our online catalog! The standard, medium green tailored foliage shapes nicely. Dark purple single and semidouble stars. Wilson Hurley: The Richness of Reality. We grow plants because this is what we love to do. Big, fluffy, semidouble and double stars of light orchid tones have ruffled and wavy, sugar white edges, at times accented with green, complimenting medium to dark green, slightly wavy foliage. Deep fuchsia, single and semidouble stars, blushed with various amounts of ivory in the centers. The flower edge is impressively splattered with a violet/pink fantasy. In winter, a south- or west-facing window provides the brightest light. I got the violet which is gorgeous. African Violet Care: Basic Summary Light: Moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light. Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2004 AVSA convention in Tucson. The foliage is medium green and quilted. Large, dark burgundy/red, semidouble pansies with a lightly frilled pink edge. It boasts a light mauve/pink watercolor thumbprint. Very double, to triple, red stars with a geneva edge. Click here for ways to stay connected to … If pinks are your color, then you'll have to add this one to your collection! Single to semidouble dark red star. The foliage is light green, with slight variegation of beige on the leaf edges. Dark green foliage, ruffled with red backing. A wonderful prospect for show! A prolific bloomer! The standard foliage is medium green and quilted, with a serrated edge. This variety is a good bloomer. Constantly in bloom! Growth habit tends to be more on the compact standard range. Standard. A must for those who collect the green type blossoms! An outstanding combination! Dark green foliage is quilted and serrated. The foliage is dark green and serrated. An abundance of full double flowers of mostly green are delicately painted with white and/or pink in the centers. This variety makes a terrific SHOW plant! The standard foliage is dark green and slightly cupped. The best ever! The beautiful foliage is slightly wavy, medium green, and strongly variegated in white. A rich, violet/red colored, single and semidouble flower, with a white, heavily fringed edge, that compliments the dark coloring. They flower for about two months. There are also the blue bi-colours like The Alps, Enigma, Rainbow’s A touch of green occasionally shadows the edge. Purple fantasy flecks and streaks decorate each petal. Light pink, single and semidouble stars, with a heavily fringed edge. 100's of collectible varieties. The dark green foliage is serrated, quilted and has a red reverse. Each petal has a dark blue, Double stars of soft blue, with a heavily frilled edge, occaisonally accented in white. Quilted foliage with variegation on the leaf edges in beige. Semidouble coral star with raspberry fantasy, band; thin white-green edge. Large grower. (DAVS 1774), Single and semidouble white star/purple eye and veins, green frilled edge. Pretty! A slightlyfrilled edge makes this a very impressive variety! The leaves are slightly wavy, serrated and quilted. The flowers stand firmly over medium green, red backed foliage, which is quilted and variegated in beige. In the area and want to save on shipping? Want to share your knowledge or experience growing African violets (or want to educate us)? A "have to have" for your collection! Very large, full double, star shaped blossoms in deep blue. A good bloomer, with medium green, standard quilted foliage. A knockout combination that is complimented by medium green show foliage. The petal edges are lighter in color, and the flower is very large. Large red stars, which bloom as singles and semidoubles, are slightly cupped. Growers, not salesmen. The wide, solid, deep red bands that surround each petal, grows in size after the flower opens. This one is sure to please! Well shaping, standard foliage of medium green, slightly quilted. Dark red double pansies with lightly frilled edges. Vintage. Soothing, dark salmon/pink colored single and semidouble stars. The petal edges are delicately fringed with a very thin raspberry edge. Blue fantasy flecks add the final touch to this electrifying variety. The large growing foliage is light green and quilted. I was very impressed with the care and detail that went into packing the little plants to protect then from the cold weather. Standard. Occasional white, Reminiscent of some of the dark colors of autumn. The quilted and serrated foliage is dark green with beige variegation. Perfect for your home or office nook - AVSA Reg. Large, single and semidouble, vivid red stars, with darker veining throughout when it's fully opened. the flower tips are curled slightly. A good show grower. Medium blue semidouble, with a sprinkling of pink puff fantasy and a raspberry frilled edge. It’s like a cluster of clouds in full bloom. Variegated dark green, white, some pink, longifolia, quilted, cupped, glossy, and ruffled. Double blue, frilled flowers, with a variable green edge. Each flower petal is surrounded by a fringed bold raspberry edge, which is outlined by a very thin beige edge. Loads of white, star shaped, slightly cupped blossoms, accented by wide bands of deep green, flecked with lighter green/white. Very large, double stars of medium purple, with a thin white outline on very frilled edges. The petal tips are lightly fluted. Just the name alone tells you this is a good one! Light mauve semidouble pansies with a thin plum edge. Though we’d like to sell you plants (or perhaps we have) use this site as a reference–to learn about the plants you grow (or want to), or to learn how to grow them better. The standard foliage is lightly quilted. The flower face is heavily covered with blue, Medium pink, single and semidouble stars, decorated with blue. African violets come in a variety of colours, such as purple, pink and white. Our “plant care” pages contain much useful information, including “how to” lessons, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) library. This large growing variety has deep blue, semidouble pansy-shaped blossoms, plus a ruffled, light raspberry edge, produced in generous clusters. very plant you need for a terrarium, miniature landscape, or fairy garden. Large growing standard, has foliage that is dark green with a red reverse. Very showy! If you stare at these large purple/red single and semi-double stars, they are sure to make you think of one! Coral flecking, of which is a little darker shade, is occasionally on the flower edge. Select Express shipping to guarantee safe and timely arrival. The flowers stand nicely above dark green, red reverse, serrated foliage. (Vintage). Large semidouble and double mauve pink star with a heavily fringed edge. Blue fantasy specks are splashed on the flower face. Semidouble lavender/plum stars, with a fringed, dark raspberry edge. At any given time, we have 30,000+ plants being grown. The medium green foliage is quilted. Here is a list of the African Violets and other Gesneriads I have grown, (or attempted to grow!) The flowers have a fringed edge. The foliage is wavy and dark green with a red reverse. Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 1993 AVSA Convention in Lancaster, PA. A variety that is loaded with blooms! Not your average pink with fantasy! Standard. The whole essence of the flower is also brought out by a thin white edge encircling the petal edges. We offer incentives to join (a free plant with an AVSA membership) and encourage members to participate and exhibit (coupons for show winners). (DAVS 1762). The standard foliage is large growing, dark green, with a red reverse, and quilted. Blue fantasy flecks lay on the flower face. WOW! We specialize in miniature and semiminiature African violets. Bright fuchsia, double, pansy shaped blossoms have fluted and wavy petal edges. Variegation of white, and occasional rose with light green, add to the attraction of this variety. Blue, Pretty! Double, pale pink pansy. A sport of Arctic Frost, it follows the same large, symmetrical growing pattern, with standard foliage of dark green, and slightly quilted. Medium green, standard foliage. Medium green foliage is wavy and serrated. As most are endangered, some can only be found in the collections of hobbyists. Semidouble, magenta, frilly green edges; wavy, white and pink, variegated foliage, standard. A slight red blush glows in the flower's eye. Yummy! - Plants for collector & hobbyist! The dark green, red backed foliage is quilted and serrated. These eye-catching flowers are produced above medium green, quilted foliage. The medium green, standard foliage is lightly variegated with beige, mostly on the leaf edge. The beige variegation, on the dark green, red reverse foliage, is the final touch to this standard variety. The flowers are banded with soft pastel pink. Double white stars with frilled edges. The foliage is dark green, slightly quilted, with beige variegation on the leaf edge. Flowers stand proudly above the large growing, medium green, tailored foliage. The leaves are light green and serrated. A good bloomer! I love this hat. Blue, We all hope they're coming! Large. A great bloomer with flowers standing tall over dark green, red reverse foliage. Perhaps the best place for your African violet in winter is an east-facing window. Let them grow. Medium pink mottling decorates each petal. The petal edges are fringed with light green. In the winter, a south or west window offers the best light. Luscious! Standard. Each flower is outlined with a geneva edge. The foliage is deep green and slightly wavy, marked with white variegation. But we might be partial to this one. Some memories should never be taken for granted, whether they be happy, bittersweet, or sad. A whimsical variety! Occasionally, the edges are tinged with green, outlining a dark edge. Semidouble to double, lavender-blue, two-tone frilled large with variable white markings, thin white-green and/or purple edge. Lovely, light pink, semidouble and double, fluted and wavy stars, are edged in cherry red glitter bands. The flower petals are outlined, with a gorgeous, light raspberry edge that is fringed. Each flower is edged with a wide, white, ruffled band. Awarded 2nd BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2007 AVSA convention in Denver. The medium green, ruffled foliage grows quite large and makes a complimentary addition to such unique flowers. The large, standard foliage, is medium green, quilted, and serrated. Our “plant care” pages contain much useful information, including “how to” lessons, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) library. Native to humid areas, an African violet likes humidity so a kitchen window above the sink can be ideal. Medium green, standard foliage. A thin, ruffled, raspberry edge surrounds each petal, that is covered with blue fantasy flecks and streaks.
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